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Sorry, guys -- there's gonna be lots of Sherlock in my blog=)

Magnetism is one of the four foundation elements of the physical universe. I doubt even Magneto himself knows his limits, or his true potential. I suspect there’s literally nothing he could not do.

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‘One Breath’ Still


Gillian Anderson in 1x01 of The Fall (pt 1)

"That’d be Detective Superintendent Gibson?" "Yes a’am." "Then that would be me."

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Ive been waiting for photo set for like 6483 years


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Gillian Anderson - on rumors surrounding her relationship with David Duchovny (x)

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He wears it so well even Jack Crawford could not see past it.

I can see that we share the same diagnosis, my dear drdumaurier ! *plays with his cane*

Maybe, but not about the same person, Frederick. *stares*

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Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo_ april 26-28_2013.

MP: I told this to Gill when we were in London last year… Skinner had a huge, huge crush on Scully. And that’s why he was so pissed off at Mulder all the time, ‘cause he didn’t have a chance.

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Benedict + smiling

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